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Certified Backflow Inspections

Did you know that your commercial backflow prevention device protects you from drinking water riddled with potentially harmful contaminants? Not to mention, it's a federal law that backflow devices must be inspected annually and replaced every 5 years.

A backflow prevention device is installed to direct water in one direction — never in the opposite direction. Backflow occurs from backsiphonage, which can happen when pressure is lost due to a pipe break or excessive external water usage. This can lead to wastewater going back into your building's plumbing.

The standard backflow device consists of a reduced-pressure principle assembly and a double check valve assembly. This two-part design allows the device to lower the pressure and stop water from flowing in the wrong direction.

Stop drinking contaminated water, abide by federal law, and contact Warner Service in Frederick. We're state-certified for backflow inspections and device replacements that can protect your building's water quality.



It's a national law that commercial backflows are inspected annually and replaced every 5 years.



A functioning backflow device will keep contaminated water from flowing back into your clean, potable water supply.


Peace of Mind

You never know when a local pipe may break or fire hydrants are being used — this could put you at risk for backflow contamination. 

How to Schedule Service

A backflow device requires professional inspection by a trained service technician. If you're ready to have your device tested or are interested in a replacement, please fill out the form below. A Warner Service representative will contact you shortly.